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Underwater Hull Cleaning Proposal
Attention: "Ship's Agent",
Ship Name: _____________________________ L.O.A. ______ Beam ______
Location: "City"_______________________
"Company Name" proposes the following work at the location above indicated for the prices contained herein. Any work which has not been quoted herein will be quoted upon request and furnished in addition to those prices contained herein.
Hull Cleaning:
A) 1. Underwater Survey with written report included
  2. Still Photos if requested if visibility permits
B) Propeller Polishing: Base bid $_____ per prop foot.
  Propeller diameter divided by (2) Two times the number of
  blades equal (=) the total number propeller feet times $_____
  per foot. Using the 3-M polishing disks to an equivalent of
  Rubert scale "B" or to the level of a reconditioned propeller
  assuming normal pitting in blade surface.
  Cost of propeller polishing with hull cleaning $ ______
C) Hull Cleaning
  1. Before and after complete written report
  2. Sides cleaned from waterline down
  3. Flat bottom including screens, bilge keels, prop and rudder
  4. All mobilization fees
Fouling Description Coverage Estimated Completion Time Base Bid
1. Very Light (grass/slime) 100% Hours $
2. Light Barnacles (1/8"-3/4") 50% + Hours $
3. Medium (3/4"-2") 50% + Hours $
4. Heavy (2"-4") 50% + Hours $
Cleaning Depth: Vessel Drafting:  
1. 31 ft or less Base Bid Above
2. 32 ft or less add 10% to Base Bid
3. 41 ft to 50 ft add 20% to Base Bid
4. 51 ft to 60 ft add 30% to Base Bid
Adequate fendering between dock and side of vessel must be provided for access to the dockside and bottom of the vessel. Minimum space six feet between the vessel flat bottom and the channel must be maintained.
Project to be dockside in Port of _______________, Inc. will furnish the necessary personnel and equipment to complete the project within the estimated time frame, following a pre-project meeting with vessel officers.
Once all equipment and crews have been requested and brought to the vessel, there will be a charge of $______ per hour for delays requiring stand by beyond the control of _____________, Inc.
We recommend the use of a deck barge for the freedom and mobility on the offshore side of the vessel. This can be provided for an additional fee of $______ per day.
Respectfully submitted,
______________, Inc.
Disclaimer: The above proposal is for reference only. Armada Systems, Inc. assumes no liability for inaccuracies or omissions.