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Barnacle Cutter
Part #AS- BC- 6
(In Stock)


World's fastest underwater cleaning tool for removing barnacles, zebra mussels, and heavy sea-growth from ship hulls made of wood and steel, sea walls, dock pilings and piers!

Barnacle Cutter The "Barnacle Cutter" is an attachment specially designed for use with the AS-18 HB, AS-16 HB, AS16-3M9PP, or the AST-P-789, and developed for underwater removal of barnacles and other encrusted sea growth from steel, concrete and wood pilings, seawalls, bridge supports, bulkheads and ships.  The attachment's outstanding feature is its ability to remove 6" (152.4 mm)of barnacle-type growth at the rate of 3 to 6 sq. ft. per minute (278709 sq. mm to 557418 sq. mm per minute), and the capability of removing up to 18" (457.2 mm) of sea growth.
Here's how it works...as the attachment advances across the surfaces being cleaned, the outside knocker-cutter bars that are attached to the tool's outside housing (or diameter) shatter the barnacles and other heavy growth, while the rotating inside hardened steel cutting wheels follow up with their chipping and scraping action which attacks and removes the tough barnacle adhesive and balance of material left by the outside knocker-cutter bars, leaving the surface clean.  The constant flow of water passing through the tool keeps the inside wheels washed clean and free.  These same round inner cutting wheels that do the chipping and scraping are also the wheel that the "Barnacle Cutter" rides and rolls on, acting like casters and adding to the attachment's mobility and stability.

Displacement of water caused by the rotary action of the "Barnacle Cutter" creates a vacuum effect under the attachment which results in the attachment being pressed and held against the vertical work surface firmly yet gentle enough to allow the attachment to yield to the divers' control to guide it in any direction by applying a slight pressure on either side of the attachment.   The attachment performs equally well in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction.

Must be used in conjunction with one of the following tools:
AS-18 HB,
AS-16 HB,
AS16-3M9PP , or

Replacement cutter teeth in stock:  Part # AS-RT-6

Barnacle Brush Cutter Blades
Part #ASLPCB-3 and ASHPCB-3

Barnacle Brush Cutter Blades

Designed for removing barnacles, heavy grass, and zebra mussels for painted surfaces. Three cutter blades are required per brush. Begin with the high profile cutter blades, and as the brush wears, switch to low profile cutter blades. This will insure maximum use of your brush! Navy approved. Barnacle Brush Cutter Blades are available on the following brushes: Stainless, Flat Wire, and Heavy Grit

Low Profile -- ASLPCB-3
High Profile -- ASHPCB-3

Note: The Barnacle Brush Cutter Blades are paint safe, and are only available in 15" (381 mm) and 12" (304.8 mm) brushes.

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