AS16-3M9-PP Single-Head Propeller Polisher

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Part #AS16-3MP-PP
Powered by the AS-108 Hydraulic Power Pack

(Shown with optional 3M marine
polishing disc and holder)

Single head high speed low-profile designed specifically for propeller polishing using 3Mô Marine polishing discs. Resulting in a high luster finish on even the largest ship's propeller with maximum speed and efficiency.

The AS16-3M9-PP accepts Armada's Barnacle Cutter (Part #AS- BC- 6), which is world's fastest underwater cleaning tool for removing barnacles, zebra mussels, and heavy sea-growth from ship hulls made of wood and steel, sea walls, dock pilings and peers

(AS-BC-6 Barnacle Cutter)

  • Generates its own suction force
  • Smallest profile of single head prop polishing available
  • Manual on/off switch
  • When used with a Propeller Roughness Gauge improvements can be documented to comply with USN and ABS requirements.
  • "A rough propeller can generate energy losses amounting to half that of the hull." -- British Ship Research Association
  • "Polishing propellers will result in recovery of 50% of the fuel penalty due to fouling since the ship was last cleaned." -- US Navy
  • Specifications:
    Required Hydraulic power 5 to 7 GPM (18.921 to 26.49 liters per minute)
    Pressure Rating 1700 PSI (11724 kPa)
    Tool Speed 2,000 RPM +/-
  • Maximum Depth: 110 ft. (33.528 m)

Dimensions:18" (457.2 mm)L x 9" (228.6 mm)H x 8"(203.2 mm)W Weight: 12 lbs. (3.18 kg)

Requirements: Powered by Armada's AS-108 Hydraulic Power Pack.

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