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AS-108 Hydraulic Power Package

(In Stock)
Designed to clean vessels from 30 to 150 ft. plus and polish any size ship propellers
"Proven Money Maker"
Part #AS-108

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AS-108 Gas
Shown with gasoline engine
AS-108 Diesel
Shown with diesel engine
Powered by 8.0 HP 4 cycle Commercial Honda Gasoline Engine.  AS-108 is equipped with manual or eletric start and low oil shutdown, with overhead valve design.  AS-108 powers the AS-16 HB hydraulic cleaning brush head and prop polishing head.  AS-16 HB cleaning head will run the following stocked optional attachments.
  • Brushes 8" (203.2 mm), 10" (254 mm), 12" (304.80 mm)
  • 3M Prop Polishing Disc 9" (228.6 mm)
  • "Barnacle Cutter"-- removes barnacles up to 6" (152.39 mm) on steel hulls & pilings fast.
  • U.S. Navy & Coast Guard Approved!
Hydraulic Pump is direct mount through a coupler system, to a 5 gallon (19 liters) per min. @ 1700 PSI (11724 kPa) Vain Pump. This delivers maximum efficiency and consistent performance. Hydraulic reservoir is intricately mounted to hydraulic pump. Also mounted in the 1 piece module is the hydraulic outlet, return coupler and hydraulic bypass control valve. Reservoir holds 1 gal. Biodegradable oil. Mounted on a 6061T6 aluminum baseplate with solid rubber tires.

All cleaning power needed in one highly portable unit. Designed for versatility and ease of operation, this system provides extremely efficient underwater cleaning for yachts, workboats and polishing propellers.

Package includes: 3-12" (304.79 mm) OD. Cleaning Brushes, 2-100 ft. (3000 cm) Hydraulic Hoses, 2 Prop Polishing Discs, 1 Prop Disc Holder, Barnacle Cutter and teeth, power unit mounted on a 60061T6 aluminum frame with two balanced solid rubber tires with push handle for easy mobility, AS-16 HB Cleaning Head.

(Optional 150 Ft. (4500 cm) Hydraulic hose.)
Dimensions: 39" (990.59 cm) L x 22" (558.8 cm) W x 27" (685.8 cm) H Total Weight: 285 lbs. (128.25 kg)

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