3M Marine Prop Polishing Disc

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Marine Disc Holder

Velcro Repair Kit and Holder

3M Marine Cleaning Disc and Holder

Ideal for removal of heavy marine fouling (barnacles, tubeworms, etc.) as well as calcium and basal plate deposits from ship propellers.  Propeller surfaces roughened due to age, fouling, and electrolytic action can be polished to a high luster finish.  In severe cases #5 discs are used to smooth the surface, followed by polishing with #3 density discs to restore a like-new condition (a Rubert Grade of A or B).  Especially effective when used in conjunction with the Rubert Roughness Comparator Scale enabling the operator to test the finish before, during and after polishing to attain the smoothest finish and accurately assess the improvement.   Also ideal for removing calcium deposits, black algae and for cleaning cement piling, and welds in steel pipelines, prior to inspection.
Marine Disc Holder
Part #AS-MDH
9" (228.6 mm) diameter 3 & 5 Density
Part #AS-3M3 (3 Density)
Part #AS-3M5 (5 Density)
Velcro Repair Kit Part
Part #AS-VRK

3M Industrial Disc & holders

AS-Ind 3MID5 5 Disc
AS-Ind 3MID7 7 Disc
AS-Ind 3MIH5 5 Holder
AS-Ind 3MIH7 7 Holder

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